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Adriana Sanchez is a consultant and financial advisor with more than 15 years of experience, public accountant by training in Colombia and with a master's degree in business administration with a concentration in finances in the United States.


She has worked several years for world-renowned financial companies. In 2019 was appointed by Latin Premier Insurance to lead Global Premier Insurance LLC, in the State of Florida.

She is a professional finance coach and offer the guidance needed to make smarter financial decisions to achieve goals or to make changes in life or businesses. She provides her clients all the knowledge to support their growth on the way to achieving financial freedom.


Adriana Sánchez

Our Team
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Our Team


Carlos Ruiz
Operations Director


Hector Torres
Marketing Director


Tamara Santana
Office Manager

Satisfied Clients

Parallel Lines

Juan José Cruz

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I feel secure with my retirement plan and life insurance, since I know that I am covered and I appreciate the advice obtained.

Adriana Sánchez's professionalism and experience as my financial advisor gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend it.


Carolina Campos
Real State Agent

My biggest concern was my daughter's financial future and thanks to the recommendations and advice received, I already have that future assured from now on. They are very professional and provide permanent accompaniment that guarantees peace of mind and security.


Diana Morales

When I arrived in this country I felt very out of place and worried about my stability and that of my family and thank God I have been able to count on honest people with values like Adriana and her team who speak to me in my language and have guided and helped me to ensure our financial future, with life insurance plans, savings plans and education plans for my children.

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